Friday, June 20, 2014

Ah, yes, this is why...

Lisa Reminder: Ah, yes.  This is why you (I) do it!  
I just want to let you know how amazed I am at the amount of vegetables I am getting.  It is amazing! I love that I have to figure out how to use it all.  The dill smells amazing! I have never had better strawberries in my life.
I'm also having some difficulty because I'm not sure what everything is.  How exactly could I use that purple corn? I googled and saw a purple drink. Any suggestions?
Did I get collard greens or is that lettuce?  I know some is lettuce.. It feels great to learn more about what we could grow so close to home.


I must admit I am not one to email, I just enjoy all of your veggies and tell everyone I know about you. But this week I need to email to say thank you! 
I've been very ill the past few months and was not allowed any fresh veggies. I am on the mend and when I picked up our share last week I was in Heaven.
I roasted the beets, onions and radishes. Our share included a cabbage instead of broccoli rabe, so after a quick Google search I made veggie stuffed cabbage. My husband loves horseradish; me - I thought it only came in a jar :)  Following your recipe I made fresh horseradish (cleaned my sinuses in the process) and made horseradish encrusted salmon with roasted veggies for dinner.
I have not eaten a salad since late February and I have to say the 3 of us could not get enough of the lettuce, spinach and arugula! It was delicious! 
I am so looking forward to everything else this season!

THANK YOU for all that you do! It is truly appreciated!


Sometimes, oftentimes, life comes so fast and furious that it's hard to take those few moments out of the day and really enjoy them. And there are three weeks in particular that I find really intense.  From May 15 (or whenever the last frost should be) to June 21 (make that 5 weeks, it just feels like 3).  It's the start of the CSA, the time to transplant all the sensitive plants (think of your eldest child (they're all a lot of work!) or (even-especially! )tomato, pepper, tomatillo & eggplant plants, fussy, fussy, fussy!), the beginning the fruit share (fruit is a whole other ball of wax (I now know why most fruit is waxed! Transportation. And shelf life).  

I happened to go into a Stop & Shop to buy a case of bottled water (Poland Spring -- to freeze for CSA drop-offs. It's cheaper than ice packs!) and I wandered through the produce aisles.  And I was immediately depressed.  They had containers of strawberries (CA-grown), raspberries (they looked so perfect I almost bought some!), blackberries (not so good looking), blueberries (from Florida and Georgia), mangos (not sure where they were from!) And I just wanted to throw in the towel. What's the point?  We can't compete!  Against corporate agriculture.

And then, I received these emails.  And they touched my heart.  And remind me of me and why I did this crazy thing (farming vegetables) in the first place. Ah, yes.  This is why I (you) do it. Because it is amazing. The vegetables.  The fruit.  The dill.  You and me.  Our  community.  Of supported agriculture. And popcorn.  Isn't that just the most amazing vegetable of all?  It's blue and will last for ten years. I love it! But,

I don't want to be blue and last forever. I want to be now! Arugula. Spinach.  Lettuce.  Strawberries.  I just wasn't to enjoy. The ever present.

Enjoy! I am.The Everpresent. Enjoying.  (It's not a word.  It's an experience).

Thank you!


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