Friday, June 20, 2014

Fruit & Veggies...and Blue Popcorn!

Above photo is of an antique corn sheller.  We have one at the CSA in Hawthorne.  And for a machine that is very low tech (no touch screens, batteries or engines!) it still works great. In just one turn of the wheel, it strips all the popcorn off the cob.   But, it is a little dangerous.  It would never pass today's safety regulations!

News from the Farm:  CSA Reminder: Fruit & Veggies, Veggies & Fruit

Rinse, Repeat. But Please Join us. And support another farmer!

Dan just called and he said he has a "bumper crop" of strawberries (which are late this year!) Do we want to start the fruit share early?  Yes, yes, yes!!! (How can anyone say no to strawberries!) 

By the way, this is the first time we've gotten strawberries from Dan because in past years the strawberries would be ripe before the first CSA pickup.  But if there's anything I've learned from farming these past seven years, it's the absolute necessity of being flexible. (If you're a bit of a control-freak (like me) and want to soften some of those edges, take up farming!)  As much as we plan out the season (and we December), order the seeds and plants, schedule the sowing of seeds and transplants, sign up members before the season begins, weed and thin seedlings according to the waxing and waning moon, or plan a nice barbeque for Father's Day, Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.  So, rather than laboring under calamity, we flexibly labor under the Honey Moon and rejoice that we are able to partake in the first local strawberry!

And so, the first fruit share will be this Wednesday, June 18.  We still have fruit shares available.  Please let us know if you'd like to join and you, too, can enjoy the first fruit of the season!

Lowland Farm Grass-Fed Meat 
Anyone may purchase grass-fed beef and pastured pork directly through Lowland Farm.  You may now place your order directly online. We will have your order bagged and ready to go in the freezer. (It's so worth the little extra cost to buy really good meat! Especially if you're looking to live a really long time and be among those who eat 7 times more vegetables than meat -- but it must be good meat!) AKA no pink slime!  Or pumped with GMO grains. Cows like to graze. Peacefully.  And so do I!

Honey & Eggs & Grass-Fed Butter
There are also local honey, eggs  and grass-fed butter available to purchase. (The butter is just in time for the popcorn or is the popcorn just in time for the butter?) There weren't too many honey takers last week.  But it's so important.  Supporting these local beekeepers. If it weren't for them and bees, we'd all be screwed.  Just six inches of topsoil, just 9 meals from revolution! 

MoGreen Juice

Did you know MoGreen Juice has now added two new kids juices?  You'll probably love them as well, so give a try to Maureen's new Orange/Pineapple/Carrot/Pear or Spinach/Apple/Lemon/Mint. (Actually, these kids juices are deliciously transformed into "adult" drinks by adding a little gin (or vodka) and seltzer!)

Homespun Chili
Homespun Chili makes great artisan chili, including John's famously popular Buffalo chicken chili- Cockadoodle Blue. Homespun Chili is a nutritious quick meal anytime, but especially when you are running late.(Spend all day on the internet and just 12 minutes in the microwave, add a few leaves of our lettuce for a salad and voila, a home cooked meal! Who said we women don't have secrets?)  We are now stocking a limited supply and taking orders for more!  Banzo Masala is my favorite!

Fruit Share 
We are taking applications for this year's fruit share.  More information about the Dan, our Fruit Man and his orchard and sign-up form can be found on our website under CSA -- Fruit List.  We will also leave fruit share sign-up forms at each of the locations. 

The number of shares is limited (in fact, we have 12 shares left!)  

P.S.  We just made a batch of  popcorn with the blue corn -- and it doesn't look so great on the cob, but in the words of my son, "(Golly, gee -- me, not him) This popcorn tastes great!"  and my other son, "Popcorn sure is a great vehicle for eating this butter!"

Enjoy! I do!


Thank you for joining us this season!  

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