Monday, June 9, 2014


Dan, the Fruit Man, Our Fruit Man, Is Back!
For another year.  You don't know what you have until it's gone.  Ain't that the truth?  Just last Monday I woke up with Vertigo (and that isn't my cat or my kid).  I've never had it before (well, maybe just once driving from New Jersey to Illinois) and it was a scary feeling.   What if I never recover from this?  Just the day before I felt fine.  But the next day I could barely walk.  What if this is a permanent condition?  But it's not.  None of it is.  It's all changing.  All the time.  Changing. Changing. Changing. Constantly changing.  But always the same. Scary.

And that is where the mystery (the scare) lies. 

And why we need to hold on to what we have.  At least recognize it.  And appreciate it. And so I have decided to redouble my efforts of gratitude.  And in looking over the list of the CSA members for this year, I am grateful and humbled by all those rejoin, sometimes year after year! And I really appreciate those who rejoin after being gone for a year or two or seven. (Have we really been doing at this so long?)  Shucks. Time flies.

And I am also humbled (and amazed and grateful) by those who don't really know us, but trust us, enough to send a check.  A vote of confidence.  In us. And the universe!  I would like to be so cosmic, but alas, I am not. I'm still trying to figure out the weeds. (Which ones can I eat again?)

All I know is Dan, the Fruit Man. Is back. Fruit. The perfect complement. Or is it compliment? To us. Vegetables. We missed him last year.  And I think he missed us. The CSA. (Health-wise, he's doing much better and looking forward to another year!) We changed our pick-up day to Wednesday this year, in large part to accommodate Dan and the fruit.  And I told him in no uncertain terms, "Don't worry!  We'll take whatever you have (and if we need to we will get some supplemental fruit from some other local orchards). We just appreciate you and your fruit!)

(Note:  The CSA is not for everyone -- including vegetable eaters and vegetable (and fruit) growers.  It's  what I like to call "faith-based agriculture."  Our members have faith in us that we will deliver Something, Anything, week after week. And we do, and have.  For seven years and counting!  (Although, I'm not. Counting. Each year is just one year closer to me being 94 and standing on that roof that my Black Dirt farmer-mentor did. At 94). And we (vegetable and fruit growers) have enough faith that enough people will sign up for all those plants we have planted! This year
-- more plants, less members. We would like to have more members and could certainly accommodate many more! But, if we don't, it just means we will give more vegetables away.  And we are no strangers to giving away lots and lots of vegetables.  We're here. Waiting for the world, and people, to catch up.  To good food). We're only looking for between 250-400 people in a population on 8.5 million. In the meantime, it's stressful. Our risks great. Our margins slim. Our expenses many.  And our knees sore (because someone has to do it!)  Plant those onion, tomato, pepper, herb, tomatillo plants and winter squash seeds.  And weed.  And weed. And weed.

So, if you know of anyone who would benefit in eating more vegetables every day (everyone?) or at least every week (every other one!), please refer them to us!  We deliver. The best vegetables. On earth.


Join us...for some really great vegetables, really great fruit and a great season!

The 2014 CSA sign-up form is now posted on:

The 2014 Fruit Share form is also posted on our website.  Look under:

CSA, Fruit List, Sign-Up Form.

The fruit shares are limited so please sign up early!


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