Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hoe, Hoe, Hoe, Mary Vegetables

Hoes & Hoes
We spent three hours on the "pick-your-own" farm hoeing. Ho, Ho, Hoeing. Three smart women.  Starting at 7 am.. (Jenny wanted to start at 6 am.  Monique, 11 am.  Me, a middle child, always the accommodator, in between, how about 7? Monique, Jenny and me. Again, three women.  Smart. At least we think we are.  We do have a lot in common.  Vegetables.  Vegetables.  Lots of vegetables. 

And Black Dirt. Black. Black. Dirt. We all could be doing something else, something more productive, at least monetarily with our skill sets, and yet here we are.  Three determined women from China, the Ukraine and Illinois (I'm the most unromantic in this gig! being from Illinois and all) in the dirt.  Black dirt.  Hoeing.  And hoeing.  And hoeing.  But this is just so important!
And that's why we're here.  All of us.  It's no coincidence (in a population of 8.5 million people and here we are...250!).  We get it. (And you do too.  Or else you wouldn't be here. In this CSA).  And some years you do get it and some years you don't. It doesn't matter.  Honestly. Our heels are dug in. To the Black Dirt.  (But you are always welcome to return to the fold.  Our prodigal suns. Even if it all turns to sh**). We are here for you. Doing what we do.  Growing vegetables.  

And hoeing.  Because that is what smart women do. Hoe. It's not pretty. And maybe it's not smart. But this is what we do.  Hoe. A row. Smart. Women. We are. 

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