Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2015. Already? Welcome to another year of life on earth

I can't wait.  To begin again.  In fact, no sooner was Christmas day over, I packed up all the Christmas decorations (there weren't many this year) and turned my face to the late December sunshine.  (And the most spectacular sunset. I wanted to take a picture but I knew I couldn't do it justice. It will always be imprinted on my brain).  It felt like spring. And already the days are getting longer.  My husband just happens to have his birthday on the shortest day of the year.  And my son, Jacob, the longest.  I love those months between. So much gets done.  Everything.  At least in terms of farming.

First and foremost is getting all the bookwork done for Hesperides.  Bookkeeping is not my favorite task. But it's always good chance to reflect on the past year.   My general rule of thumb is this: what was the beginning balance in the checkbook and what is the balance at the end of the year. If it's a negative, well, it's a "write-off."  If it's positive, time for shopping aka buy some more stuff (farm equipment).

And sometimes it's just more seeds. Like this year.  Kalettes anyone? (And no, that's not culottes. Though, I have to admit I owned a pair!).  I've already ordered them. The seeds. I like new things.  Even if I've never tried them.  Even if they take 110 days to grow (that's cutting it close in our zone). If it doesn't work out, I just chalk it up to one of my many mistakes.

I have made many.  Mistakes.  But the one that I didn't make; that I hold onto dearly, is the CSA...and our members. It's like a little private club.  Not like Skull and Bones.  Not so exclusatory.  (And I know that isn't a word).  But why not?  Why not Kalettes?  Why not buy some really great veggies from a farm close to you?

I save every single hand-written envelope from members.  (And cards. I received two this Christmas.  Thank you.  You know who you are!) They are up in my attic. In boxes.  My husband tells me I'm crazy. 

"Why save all of those?" he scolds me. 

Because it's a lost art. Writing. By hand. Even an envelope. To Hesperides Organica. For payment. Much less anything else.   I treasure them. Dearly. 

And I know that members appreciate our hand work too...choosing seeds, planning for another season, transplanting, yes, well, transplanting plants & planting seeds, weeding, cultivating, weeding and cultivating again (it's all the same **it my husband tells me).  I don't deny it, it's a lot of work. But what else are we doing?

Not much. Eat well.  I know I do!

I hope you will join us for another season.  We don't want an army. We just want a few hundred (maybe even 500?) who get it. In a population of 12 million. I'm not worried.  I just want us to be good.


P.S. The 2015 form is on the website. (Or soon will be!) It's the same as the 2014 form. Meet the new boss. It's the same as the old boss.

P.P.S. We plan to expand the "Pick-Your-Own" this year.  Our farm is really your farm. We want you to know that...and experience that. Especially the kids. Our future. 




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