Thursday, February 26, 2015

Backtracking Forward

Here's to is the time to join
Before it's too late.  I think we're very close.  To the cliff.    I just watched a very entertaining and sincere documentary...180 degrees South:  Conquerors of the Useless.  My father once said he was a fountain of useless information.  He wasn't. And neither am I.  Though it often feels that way. It feels trivial.  This growing of vegetables. I would much rather be scaling the walls of Yosemite. Or surfing the waves of Sunset Beach.  Or maybe spending a second honeymoon in The River of No Return.

But maybe it's all the same.  Maybe, just maybe, this is important. Too. Growing vegetables. (And eating vegetables. And fermenting vegetablesAnd joining a CSA!). I've been spending these cold winter days cooped up inside waiting for spring and watching all these shows (documentaries) wishing I was out there.  It all looks so glorious "out there." Doesn't it?  But maybe it's all right here. Here.

"They always say, "You can't go back"," he said in 180 degrees South. "But what if we just turned around and took one step?" Where would we be?  If we just turned a 180 degrees and took that first step?  We would be here.  Here Backtracking forward. 

I like to think that we (us and the CSA members) are backtracking forward. We need to take the best of the best.  From the past and into the future. 

It's all going to be okay.  I believe it.



P.S. The 2015 form is on the website.

P.P.S. Keep up with us on Facebook.  Our farm is really your farm. We want you to know that...and experience that.

P.P.P.S  Keep Left. It's a lot more fun!

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