Monday, June 1, 2015

Here's to Spring...It's Here, I Swear

April 10, 2015

 "Plant and your spouse plants with you; weed and you weed alone."  ~ Jean-Jacques Rousseau

News from the Farm: Here's to No More (s)Now...

On April 1, I woke up to another layer of snow.  Well, just an inch. One on one. April's Fools.  But it covered the grass and trees and was just depressing. I like a winter wonderland, to a point.  And then, come March 21, the equinox, I've had enough.  No more snow, please!  Fortunately, the sun is on our side. She  melts it quickly and quietly.  I almost didn't notice it gone.  I was too busy checking on my plants and bringing more seeds. To the greenhouse.

I was too busy on Kirby Town Road. Passing Apple Lane Drive.  And Whilig and High Barney (remember Barney?) Roads.  And Pilgrim Corners.  And Carboy (oh, boy!) Road.  And Topnotch (because aren't we all?) and Shoddy Hollow (aren't we all?) Roads.  And finally to Bull Road.
My destination. The green, green house.

After a ride (I hate driving, especially highways), I always like getting out of my car.  Into the fresh air.  And into whatever my next step is. Sometimes, I just can't believe it.  How long I've been doing this.  Vegetables. (This is our seventh year.  Seventh Heaven? Yes!)  I've had a lot of jobs in life, but honestly, this is the most rewarding. And interesting (every year brings a new opportunity and multiple challenges).  And fulfilling. Literally! Filling full. 

 Mostly, I guess, it's because I like eating them so well.  Filling up on...vegetables. (Several times per day).  How many do you eat per day?   I try to eat some for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  If a quarter cup = 1 serving, I try to eat 14 servings per day.  Not enough! 

And so, after getting out of my car, and stretching my legs,  I was refreshed seeing all my seeds sprouting, the green of it.  It's so green.  And warm.  And promising.  Of another season.  I hold so much hope for all these vegetables.  And the CSA.  And our new pick-your-own fields. 


Lisa & Jacob

P.  We recently changed our insurance (a long but worthy story) company.  And the one that we changed to really appreciated our business.  And it made me feel good. And so, I want to acknowledge all our long-term CSA members.  You know who you are.  Thanks so much...

P.S. The 2015 form is on the website.

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Don't forget the Open House on Saturday, May 2 (postponed from April 18 due to cool weather conditions) at 27 Utter Avenue, Hawthorne, NJ. 

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