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Keeping Left

March 13, 2015

"Get in your kitchens, buy unprocessed foods, turn off the TV, and prepare your own foods. This is liberating" ~ Joel Salatin

News from the Farm: Moving On but Staying Left

I knew it was only a matter of time.  That it would be put up for sale.  And we would be out on the streets (or dirt). You, who have been in the CSA for more than a year, know our beloved Radish House. How big it is. (Semis can drive through it). And one of our neighbors stores his collection of "real" fire trucks there. I can't imagine such a hobby. My hobbies are so much smaller, and much less ambitious...teacups, heirloom seeds & blankets (I'm not unlike Linus. I have a collection! Not only blankets, but seeds and china.)   And you know how much it (the Radish House) means to me. Yet, it's time to move on. 

Change is hard. But with change is opportunity. I think that that is it. An opportunity. But always change. That is the one thing that we can count on.  Change.  But it's hard. To move on.  I didn't know how much I loved radishes until I lost the house.  The Radish House Isn't that the way?

So, we are here. With another 4.9 acres.  (Moving on, but keeping Left.  Always. Left.  Of life.).  A gorgeous piece of property.  For our members. For us. For the "Pick-Your-Own." For a new barn (or some type of structure...we're thinking funky).  For the next generation. (I honestly believe in them.  That's why I love to have kids come up to visit the farm....)  It's going to take some to whip this piece into shape.  It's been sorely neglected.  But I have hope.

And I think the tide is turning.  People are waking up to eating real food. And we just happen to have one of the most basic items of life, foodAnd most nutritious of all, vegetables. Grown on some of the best soil in the world. 

We don't want to have to advertise. Or to promote. Or to sell.  We already have a very strong core of members.  We appreciate you very much!  You know who you are!  We just want some more people who "get it." 

Join us, won't you?  (If you haven't been with us for a few years, give us another chance.  We've improved.  Greatly!).



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