Monday, June 1, 2015

Thanks to Everyone

May 11, 2015

"When you a see a rock coming, it hurts less."  ~ Greek

News from the Farm: Looking at the rocks...too much

Thanks again to everyone who attended the Open House.  I always stress out about these talks, meeting with people, holding Open Houses and Pick-Your-Own Events and growing vegetables in general.  I have very high ideals!  What if they don't like what I say?  What if they don't come?  What if there aren't any vegetables to pick?  What if it's not enough? 

And so, I began the day. For the Open House. Stopping off at a Dollar Store to pick up some balloons (they didn't have my favorite everyday balloons, so I settled for some Mother's Day balloons...and they didn't cost $1 each but $1.25, so why do they call it a dollar store?) and some bright pink poster board to match the balloons. I wrote on them Open House and hoped to get the arrows pointing in the right us!

It didn't start out very strong.  But I had one of my very first CSA members stop by.  And I am eternally grateful to her! And every single member since then! Even if you don't join again! I get it.  And I'm still grateful to you!   In the very early stages of the farm when I was still trying for Pick-Your-Owns, she and her two sons were the only ones who made the trek to Warwick to pick some sweet corn under a full moon.  She didn't even really want to come but her mother talked her into it.  I hope it was a good experience for her and her kids.  I still remember it and always will...even on my deathbed. I also remember being frustrated.  Pulling the weeds, row after row after row; wanting to build a community of  like-minded people but feeling so lost.  And helpless.  And hopeless.

But then, another person would somehow call me, visit the farm and express appreciation for what I was trying to do.  It reminded me while really young of riding on my father's shoulders while he would jump from rock to rock in some unknown creek. Sometimes, you just have to look down and focus on your next immediate step. (You all know who you are who are the rocks).  To make this happen.

And then.  I was overwhelmed.  By what was around me.  I've been way too busy worrying about the rocks.  When I really looked around me, I couldn't believe what we (me, my husband, my kids, the CSA members, everyone in the kitchens) have created.  If we could all just eat for three weeks what we produce here...vegetables, fruit, fermented vegetables, bone broth, juice, local honey, eggs, Amish butter, grass-fed cheese and maybe a few indulgences, we could heal the world, at least our guts. Probably the world.

And isn't that a start? Healing the world?  At least our guts.

I'm developing a very strong gut.  I hope you are too!


Lisa & Albert & Jacob & Tyler

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